*My Xat Name So You May Find Me!*

Hey Guys I Thought It WOuld Be Nice To Show You My Xat Name So You Can Find ME!

Heres the pic!


*(you may click to enlarge)*

Thats Ma Name *Billy* Lol

You Can Usaually Find Me On xat.com/trade Or xat.com/help B)

Thanks Guys!





Xat Cheats! (Daily)

Hey Xater’s! “Sorry To Say, But I Will Not Post Any More ClubPenguin Cheats, Im Into Xat!”

Well I Was on xat.com/xat_test I Was In The “People” pool And I Saw xat (42) Wich Is Amazing! Take A Look!


Hes Usually On Every Day SO Check It Out! In Other Word’s,

I Was Checking Out The New Power (kbee) On Powers Page And I Was Auctioning And Loo What I Took A Shot Of!


*(click to enlarge)*

Look How It Says There Were Only 8000 (kbee) powers But I Managed To Take A Snapshot Of 7999, Pretty Cool, Huh?

Well As Always Have A Great Day Sir! B)


Tuffhead In Club Penguin :)

Hey Penguin’s Today I Met Tuffhead In Club Penguin!

Here’s A Picture:


Awesome Right?

Well…. I Will Tell You A Little About Tuffhead:

He Is Very Nice And Always On Your Side He Also Has A Blog at:  http://tuffhead-tuffheadsclubpenguincheatz.blogspot.ca/p/tour-guide.html Copy It And Check It Out!

And He Joined CP In November 2006. He Was Never Banned He Is A Black Belt/Fire Ninja/Water ninja!

How Awesome Is That He’s Accomplished Everything I Havnt xD

he has 246 stamp ;o He Love’s CP And Has Completed All Te PSA Missions ;O He Also Is A Member.


Still Busy :(

Hey Penguin’s…..Sorry For Not Posting I Am Really BUSY.

I Will Be Posting Within The Next Few Days Or Whenever I Get  Time To Post Cheats.

Sorry For Any inconveniance….:(


P.S I Am Busy Because It’s Easter And Im SPending Time With My Family And Getting ready For School 😡

Arctic White Color :)

Hey Penguin’s As Some of you know some penguins have the “Arctic White Color” well…. they hacked it, so dont ask them where to get it! You Dont Want To Be A Hacker do you?

I Know i Am No Hacker, so i am gonna wait till it Officially  Released, You get banned forever for hacking it so dont hack it 😉

P.S It’s My Cousins Birthday So I Will be Busy, Comment If you need anything 😉